1) How does Martial Arts develop children’s confidence?

One of the ways that Martial Arts training helps develop children’s confidence is by showing them learn how to set & accomplish short, medium & long term goals. This is done through the progression of belts. As a child experiences success in their training, that success naturally transfers outside the school as well, making them more likely to achieve other goals. Remember, success is the backbone of confidence.

Martial arts training also helps children face their fears in a nurturing environment. As a child learns to defend themselves, they become less threatened by those around them. Then instead of sending out signals like “I am weak; I’m not sure of myself”, they start sending out signals that say “I’m strong; I’m confident; I’m a nice person but don’t mess with me.”

2) Why Martial Arts is Good for Shy Kids:

Martial arts training is a great way to help shy children come out of their shells. It starts with small things like learning to look people in the eye, learning to stand straight and speak clearly. Eventually as the child progresses to more advanced skills, they begin to express themselves on the mat and become more outgoing in class. This spills over into other areas of their lives, where they can start expressing themselves more comfortably.

3) How can Martial Arts help Children to Become more Courageous?

Some kids are naturally fearless. They were just born that way. Others can be quite fearful. Either way, it is important to understand that true courage is not fearlessness, it’s overcoming fear. And that is exactly what martial arts teaches children to do. As a child progresses in the ranks, they are given new challenges to overcome, like Randoori, breaking boards, possibly training with bigger, older people or even participating in demonstration in front of others. As a child experiences success in these endeavors, this success helps them face other fears, therefore helping them become more courageous.

4) How does Martial Arts develop Focus, Concentration and Self – Control in Children?

Very few things teach children to develop focus, concentration and focus better than Martial Arts. To begin with, a good martial arts class is usually quite fun. That makes it easier for a child to focus and concentrate. During training children learn to control their bodies through exercise, powerful movement, stillness, posture & breathing. Once they learn how to do this in a martial arts class, these skills become more easily transferable in other areas of life. Like in school, during testing, during stressful experiences.