Juniors Martial Arts

Do you Want your child to be more confident & Able to defend themselves if necessary?

Martial arts develops body, mind & spirit to help children & teens develop a “YES, I CAN” attitude.




  • Motivation.

  • First time listening & focus.

  • Speaking up for themselves.

  • Over reliance on digital devices.

Beginner Classes Forming Now!

Little Ninjas: Ages 4 -6:

This program is designed for students to help foster focus, first time listening and courage. Using age appropriate drills and skills, students will learn how to connect to their bodies and develop more coordination, strength and self control.

Juniors Level I: Ages 6 – 11:

In this program children develop a strong foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing. Students will learn more complicated partner drills and skills to develop their focus, discipline and confidence.

Juniors Level II: Ages 6 -11:

Students will learn to apply their skills in live training or randoori and well as learn more complicated skills and submissions. As their skills improve so will their confidence and maturity.

Teens: TNT: Ages 11- 15:

Designed with the Teenager in mind, students will participate in more live training and learn more advanced skills and submissions with their peers. The teen program is designed to help students connect with their peer group in this often challenging & awkward phase of life. Here your child and become more prepared to join the adult level program.


Classes build focus, discipline, respect &  confidence in a non-competitive, fun environment.










Your Instructors

Professor Laurel earned her Black Belt from Professor Carroll in 2016. She has been a full – time Martial Arts Instructor since 2016. She also earned a graduate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Professor Laurel is the mother of two teenage daughters who started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the age of four and have grown up in a martial arts school.

Our team is committed to supporting children, teenagers and adults on their martial arts journey towards Black Belt & beyond.



Now, more than ever, our youth need the tools to defend themselves mentally & physically.


We often meet children who are:

  • Generous and kind but are so shy that they have a hard time connecting with others.
  • Athletic and physically gifted but do not know how to control their energy.
  • Refuse to try anything unless they are sure they will do it perfectly.
  • Awkward and have trouble connecting with people appropriately.
  • Interested in everything but can get overly focused on digital devices and cannot shut it down.

Studies show that Martial Arts training:

  • Research with adolescents and young adults examine the benefits of martial arts in teaching self-control, enhancing self-esteem, teaching a more positive response to physical challenges, and inducing greater emotional stability, self-confidence, and assertiveness.
  • Martial arts provide an outlet for participants to channel energy into a productive and self-enhancing activity (Twemlow & Sacco, 1998).
  • They have also been demonstrated to improve concentration and self-awareness in children (Lakes & Hoyt, 2004) and tentatively aid executive functions (Diamond & Lee, 2011), including self-monitoring and awareness (Haydicky et al., 2012, Lothes et al., 2013) and cognitive-regulation (Lakes & Hoyt, 2004).
  • Link to article here

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Grail makes it easy to jump in and start your Jiu Jitsu journey. Everyone is very supportive and the dojo space is bright, clean and well maintained. My daughter and I go weekly and we’re enjoying the benefits of working out. I recommend them highly. Oss!

Christine W.

What a great experience. Grail Jiu Jitsu!! I highly recommend! My sons go to Grail and from our very first lesson Professor Laurel has been amazing!! So incredibly welcoming. The assistant instructors are very talented and patient with them.

Joe M.



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Your future self will Thank you!

photos @kristen_vallejo_photography