Juniors Martial Arts

Do you Want your child to be more confident & Able to defend themselves if necessary?

Enrollment open for Summer & Fall programming.

Juniors Programs

Little Ninjas: Ages 4 -6: This program is designed for students to help foster focus, first time listening and courage. Children will train in a uniform that comes with their first lesson.

Juniors Level I: Ages 6 – 11: In this program children develop a strong foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing. Students will learn standing & grounded positions to improve their confidence, respect and self control.

Juniors Level II: Ages 6 -11: In this program students already have a strong foundation of grappling & striking skills. Students will learn to apply their skills in live training or randoori and well as learn more complicated skills and submissions.

Teens: TNT: Ages 11- 15: This program is designed with the teen in mind and utilizes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing to foster confidence, maturity and cooperation. Students will participate in more live training and learn more advanced skills and submissions.


  • Motivation.

  • First time listening & focus.

  • Speaking up for themselves.

  • Over reliance on digital devices.

Classes build focus, discipline, respect &  confidence in a non -competitive, fun environment.


Class Structure

  • Comprehensive warm up.

  • Techniques to control and neutralize attacks.

  • Training from the standing and grounded positions.

  • Sttriking based on Muay Thai – Kickboxing.

Your Instructors

Professor Carroll & Professor Laurel owned a Martial Arts School, Sun Dojo, in Brooklyn, NY with over 250 students before being shuttered in 2020. We are excited and honored to continue to share our Martial Arts knowledge to great people in the Hudson Valley.


Now, more than ever, our youth need the tools to defend themselves mentally & physically.

Designed with the teen in mind, this program helps reinforce tenets of courage, discipline and focus within a challenging & positive environment. Teens learn to overcome challenges together while forging strong friendships on the mat.

My kids have been taking jiu jitsu classes at Grail for several months and they absolutely love it. They had no experience in any martial arts and after their first class they left feeling confident in their abilities. She’s a great instructor.

Christina P.

My two children have been training the martial arts with Grail Jiu Jitsu for a little over a year now and they love it! They’re physically and mentally stronger each week. They’re proud of themselves and my husband and I couldn’t be prouder of them pushing themselves to learn more skills.

Susan P.



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Your future self will Thank you!