1) Why is Martial Arts is good for overactive children & children with learning disabilities:

For most overactive children or children with a learning disability, Martial Arts training is a perfect skill. It’s fast paced, fun and requires a high level of physical activity. This is exactly what these children need. When taught correctly, Martial Arts helps students get into their ideal performance state which combines mental clarity, physical energy and emotional calm. It is rarely boring and helps overactive children to focus their energy in a productive manner. On top of that, a well run martial arts class naturally facilitates the three main learning modalities – visual, auditory and kinesthetic – so that every child’s learning needs are met.

2) How does Martial Arts training make children less violent?

It’s amazing to hear how often you may hear that parents are afraid that martial arts training will make their child become violent. In almost every case, the reverse is true. Martial Arts training does not make children more violent! In fact, it makes them less violent. There is a saying, “Practice the fight so you don’t have to”. By practicing Martial Arts children become more confident. Therefore they are less likely to become targets of bullying. Also, training gives them a safe environment to blow off some steam and relieve stress. On top of that, a child can develop a stronger self – image, the are less likely to need to prove themselves. With a stronger self – image they also become less interested in tearing others down.

3) Why is Martial Arts a good choice when compared with sports?

Martial Arts training fosters a team atmosphere but there are no bench sitters. Everyone participates at their own level so there is not as much pressure put on any individual. Because of this, children who do not necessarily excel in team sports can have a chance to excel in the Martial Arts.

4) How does Martial Arts help children excel in sports training?

There’s a reason why many professional athletes from multiple sports cross train in the Martial Arts. It’s a perfectly balanced form of mental and physical exercise that uses the left and right side of the body, upper and lower body and well as lateral, circular, rotational movement and enhances hand / eye coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance. For children who are involved in a specific sport, Martial Arts is the perfect off – season training.

5) When is the best time of year to start training the Martial Arts?

You can begin training the martial arts at any time. Most team sports, especially those played outside, are played seasonally. Martial Arts are practiced year round. This consistency helps build upon the discipline and allows children to progress at a quick pace.