Intellectually: Children at this age generally learning at a rapid pace but have trouble retaining information that goes beyond three commands. At Grail Jiu Jitsu our goal is to help students process and retain information quickly by condensing the steps into clear chunks of information. This helps improve their focus & memory.

Socially: Children at this age tend to enjoy being the center of attention but often lack self control and proper sportsmanship. Our goal is to help them improve their self control by taking turns demonstrating skills under pressure. Our live training drills have an element of competition which fosters sportsmanship and teamwork.

Emotionally: This age group tends to act silly or out of control when under pressure. Working with partners helps them stay on task because there is a high level of accountability.

Physically: This age group tends to have good coordination of their legs, arms, core and abdominal muscles. They tend to lack physical strength and stamina. At Grail, our goal is to help them strengthen their muscles though physical drills that compliment their Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing skills.